Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcomed back!

After one of my longest summer vacations ever, I arrived home in Florida yesterday. Being my birthday (and I'm sure he would have done it anyway) my husband had picked some wild flowers from our garden and displayed them in one of my pitchers, part of an oil and vinegar set that I never use but leave it out on the counter.
And I opened only two pieces of mail even though I have STACKS of it, but the rest can wait, these two were special, being the gifts I had won at two blog give-aways. Lisa from Upstatelisa had a giveaway for one of her sun-print fabrics and I was the lucky winner!
My other package was from Candy's giveaway at Candied Fabrics.  She had a giveaway for one of Quilting Arts Gift Magazine, in which she had two projects, one for an ipad sleeve and another for her journal covers both featuring her really cool machine sketching which I am determined to try out this winter, probably on a journal cover. Candy also included a gorgeous piece of one of her Candied fabrics!

I am certainly going to enjoy some tea breaks as I browse through Quilting Arts gifts, trying to decide what projects I'll use these beautiful pieces of fabrics in! Thank You Ladies!


  1. Once more, a Happy belated Birthday Gina!
    Those wild flowers are gorgeous and such lovely presents!

  2. Happy Birthday. How nice of your husband to pick and display the flowers-love the pitchers. Winning was getting birthday presents.

  3. Much happiness, Gina. Good to go. Good to be back, I imagine. You have lots of inspiration to 'fall' into. Luv your birthday vignette!


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