Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer Dyeing

 Yes, summer dies sometime in September but summer is a great time for dyeing. I finally mixed up the three dyes I have (those pictured above), soaked some fabrics in soda ash and did some tying, twisting and clamping, then squirted on some colour ....

The two above were old white pillow cases. Below are parts of a white cotton shirt I made many years ago. I had added dimensional paint designs which of course remained after dyeing.

Above, some scrap fabrics. The green one had been used in paint clean-up so shows a few touches of stains but it still has lots of potential. Below is an old tea towel that used to be white.
And my favorite is another clean-up rag but the few stains are quite ok with me. I doubt I'll even cut around them when I get to using this piece.
Hope you're enjoying a wonderful September!


  1. Yummy, nothing better than a day in the dyepots!! You got some very nice results, and doesn't it feel good to rescue cloth that otherwise would have gone to waste?

  2. Wonderful pieces. You'll have a great time using them.

  3. good for you. Gina. I need to think about dyeing in the fall and using all the 'whatevers'!

  4. Lovely lovely results Gina! My favorite is the old tea towel!

  5. yes, i like the tea towel, too. gorgeous colour


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