Saturday, May 21, 2011

Postcard Swap

I signed up for 3 Creative Studios' postcard swap with the theme of 'Buried Treasure'. Immediately the treasures of my garden came to mind and the idea of the cycle of buried treasure as the seeds sprout, grow, develop seeds and grow again. I used some of the dill seed that so amazed me this season. I had no idea that dill weed would grow taller than me! And the beautiful flowers were so symmetrical and stunning. I was able to keep with my style of using seeds, tulle and yarns.
Postcard steps: Created background by overlapping fabrics and cutting together so they could be fused to my cards base without added bulk.
Tacked dried flowers in place, sprinkle seeds and cover with tulle. Quilt with clear thread.

To add some recycling to the project I used a cereal box and old file folder for the backs.

Finally, zig zag two rounds of fuzzy yarns. Recipients can give the fuzzies a hair cut if desired! Postcards from the swaps can be seen at 3 Creative Studios Flickr Postcard group.  Fun swap, thanks everyone!


  1. I am with Vicki on this one. Very clever concept:)

  2. Dill is pretty as is the card.

  3. Great cards. and great idea with the recycling.

  4. ooooo! Those would look lovely in my mailbox! Great job Gina!

  5. I love the design, and the thought behind it. The fuzzy yarn is something I know you like to play with and it was a geat ending.


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