Friday, May 6, 2011

Back to My Roots

I haven't been into shows much for the past few years except for the occasional gallery show. However when this one came up and a clay friend who had done the show said how fun it was, I decided to apply. No tent needed and it's only one day. So Saturday I'll be part of Art Rock at The Armory in West Palm Beach!
I'm not limited to one medium so I'll be debuting some of the sewing I've been working on. In addition to mostly clay I'll take a few art quilts, cards, notebook covers, etc. My roots are in fiber and sewing so this should be fun!

Top photo are composition notebook covers using some of my stash. I have plans for some fun embellished ones hopefully to be made this summer. Next is a journal quilt that I almost left as a quilt but it became a journal as the size was perfect for the papers I had cut from old unusable letterhead.
I bought a deckle ruler which I really like for some of the edges when putting together a journal. And I still love those fuzzy yarns and trying out those fancy stitches on my machine!
 Now back to my soy beans and tofu .... I'm making "hiyayakko" (fresh cold tofu) to take to our book club meeting tonight. We read "Hotel on the Corner of Sweet and Bitter" so the food theme is Asian. Although I love fresh tofu I've not made this before so should be fun!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Gina, good luck at Art Rocks!! I love the last picture.

  2. Good luck Gina, it sounds like a good show, and youi have such a variety of things to display! I really like your journal quilt and your deckled pages. THe fuzzy yarns always intrigue me, too.

  3. I too,like the journal in the last picture. I am afraid I have a stash of fuzzy yarn, too


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