Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Using My Workshop Fabrics

At Linda's dyeing workshop I learned about pre-reduced indigo! If your last dyeing experience was thirty some years ago like mine your indigo dyeing was more involved than what we did. The pre-reduced indigo available now makes it much easier to create your beautiful blue fabrics and yarns with no need for lye!
Yesterday I couldn't wait any longer to do something with at least one of my newly dyed fabrics so I chose the shibori stitched cotton that I had dyed in the indigo pot. I made a folder for a little yellow pad. I've been wanting something to take to meetings and to keep in my bag for school.
I started out writing down the measurements I was using but ended changing the design as I moved along so will include a little tutorial if anyone is interested when I make another. I'm sure the next one will be a little different as I try to improve it.
I'll leave with a photo of this little guy who visited our garden last week. I followed him and believe he may live under our house!


  1. Oh, you need to enter that in the 3CS TOM Flickr group! It's fabulous!

  2. Nice notebook. Itwill be fun to use.

  3. I spent yesterday dyeing and it was great fun, hopefully we'll be using some of this fabric in the challenges, can't wait

  4. the fabric and folder are beautiful!!!

  5. Love the notebook cover Gina! I’ve never dyed fabrics. Yet another challenge!


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