Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Post Card Swap

I recently participated in my first ever fiber postcard exchange. Vicki from 3 Creative Studios organized it and it was so much fun. I enjoyed creating my postcards and receiving these wonderful creations in the mail. There were two groups so to see all the cards check out the photos are flick river.
I tried out two other designs before I settled on my final set of cards to mail out. The inspiration word was "Guilded" or "Guilded Age". I immediately thought of the Canadian  book "Bird in a Gilded Cage" and also the many paintings and sayings depicting the same saying. Hence my first card.
Then I thought of simply a cut and past look of a color scheme including some golden tones. I then did some research into the Gilded Age and discovered how the domestic sewing machine had a big impact on the lives of women. So I  finally settled on something that was fitting with the style I have been using most often, including some bits of nature. I chose some yellow petals to fit in between the pieced work and some tulle. This was my tribute to the domestic sewing machine. It made it's first big impact what back before and during the Gilded Age but it has come a long way and it's use has expanded way beyond what I'm sure those in Gilded Age ever imagined.
Cut out my patterns.

   Press, stitch and trim.
Cut out and add some tulle.
  Stitch, add some petals.
Over to my old Bernina 830 where I don't worry about bits of petals etc getting into the machine. I load up the bobbin with gold thread (for Guilded) and do some stitching from the back side.
What do you do at the corners? Anything? I've started making a tiny trim at each corner. I think it helps me finish those corners a little better. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking.
My finished cards and I had some scraps left over to make a couple ATC's. Thanks Vicki and everyone who participated in this fun swap!
PS I'm sorry about the first photo - Vicki's "All Aboard" card was supposed to be horizontal in the first row. The train is headed down a 90 degree hill the way I have it!


  1. It was definitely a fun swap! I'm glad you shared your first attempts with us. I especially like the little birdy!

  2. Given how doomed my train design was from the beginning, I'd say you have it oriented just right! lol!

  3. Luv your research! Thanks for sharing your process. Your card is gereat and the corners perfect!

  4. I think you are on a fiber roll here! Your last couple of posts seem to have been a lot of fun for you. The postcards turned out great and how wonderful to get fun mail:)

  5. Looks like such a fun project, beautiful.


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