Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clay, Fiber, Veggies; Sepia and Color

Last week I was asked to consider what inspired me most at Connie Rose's blogsite. She was having an anniversary and asked her readers what had inspired them most at her blog.  I realized it was her use of photos in her collages and fiber art. I had played with Photoshop some in the past and even altered a few for use on fabric. But when my computer died so did the use of Photoshop. With my new computer I have downloaded Gimp and am gradually trying to figure out what all I can do with my photos. I haven't got far but enjoyed the results of simply using the Sepia setting for a few photos. Above is the dill from our garden drying on racks. Below is peering into my yogurt maker, shown in sepia.
And below are some spoons and knives ready to go into the next kiln load.
Color is good though .... below is one of what my husband calls my 'spa' dinners .... simple, tasty and healthy ...homemade tofu with fresh veggies.
Green beans! We didn't lose them all in the frost ... I collected enough for a whole meal this weekend! They were so good I'll be planting more once it warms up.
And for some good discussion I've been following Jane Dunnewold's post "Discharge! The Emperoro's New Clothes".  It also reminded me that I've used dryer lint in my work. I've included it in some of my fiber studies and below is one of my early clay and fiber pieces made from the dryer lint of the fabric for my wedding dress.
Hope you're enjoying a wonderful creative inspiring week!


  1. I haven't tried GIMP, so you are inspiring me. The veggies look good-our garden is dormant.

  2. The sepia photos have a mysterious look about them. Very cool!


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