Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Different Kind of Yarn Bowl

As I loaded the kiln today I came across two bowls, fired and glazed but waiting for their fiber additions. Rather than continue with my catch-up day I headed into the sewing room with my fired bowls. I dug through my box of yarns, found my crochet hooks and chose the largest hook that would fit through the holes in my bowl.

I wanted to crochet an entire lining for my bowl but was tempted to stop after a couple rows around the top as I really like that look too. I'm glad I pushed forward as I've been wanting to try this full crocheted lining for some time now and I'm glad I went for it! 
 Here's a shot of my yarn bowl in use to create my other kind of yarn bowl!
 And finally the empty nest ......


  1. Gina, this is fabulous! You're so innovative!

  2. How clever! The possibilities are endless. You could lace the edge too. I like the blue fuzzies.

  3. Lovely mix of texture, beautiful!!!

  4. That is really versatile; I would not have expected that! Great results:)

  5. Enchanting work.
    and lovely blog.


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