Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is reveal week for the Quilt Challenge. I went through several different ideas and finally decided to go with the passage I love to take - that of the ferry ride from BC mainland to Vancouver Island. Having lived in the States for so many years I think of it as my northwest passage even though it is southwest Canada.
I took this photo in January 2009 as the ferry approached the island. Below are a few of the choices I had laid out as I tried to decide how to frame this photo. I wanted to go with fabrics I already had but did end up buying a bit of burgundy as I felt I needed a touch of red and all the reds I had were too bright or wrong fiber content.
 I got some practice free motion quilting with my old 830 as my new Bernina needs a check-up and won't sew more than a few stitches without stopping to tell me there's a bobbin problem. I'm not used to having a high maintenance machine.

To see some fabulous interpretations of "Passage" head on over to the quilt challenge blog.


  1. Your passage is wonderful. I enjoyed seeing your process. That burgundy accent is smashing, like the line on ship's side. Great blog!

  2. Nice piece. The red does add a lot. I like the ferry rides there too.


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