Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guilty Play & Clay on the Way

Last summer after returning home from visiting a quilt show I was so inspired to paint on fabric but I had no plain fabric and I couldn't wait to go to the store. So I found an old pillow case in the cupboard, some old fabric paints, a sponge and a spray bottle. I felt a little guilty as the pillow case was from my mother many, many years ago. There was some crochet and embroidery on it but looking closely I was sure it had been machine done, so it couldn't have been made done my grandmother. So the sentimental guilt was eased but I was still haunted by the 'green' guilt - 'if I'm not using this pillow case give it away to someone who will use it'. My creative need ignored the guilt and my paint loaded sponge hit the waiting white fabric! I sponged away, spritzing a little here and there, and squirted some dimensional swirls before releasing an 'ahhh, that felt good'! I didn't waste any of that pillow case; I cut the back away and quickly painted another piece. That piece I quilted for my first whole cloth wall quilt.

My sponged piece has been stashed away for a year now and in going through my piles I found it yesterday. Although I should have been working I decided to play; I needed to try out my Timtex. (that's right I'd never used it until yesterday!) I backed three 4x6" pieces with Timtex. My painted fabric is no work of art so it needed something more.
I found some dried flowers and decided to make a little series with those. I've finished one so far; I topped everything with some purple tulle and free hand quilted over it all. This one I finished with some yarn. I may repeat that or add some variegated satin stitching on the others.
Oh, the clay - I feel I have abandoned my clay but we are having doors replaced and I cannot get my kiln back in place until the garage door is inspected and painted. But I do have some pieces waiting to be fired. These will each have some fiber added - either stitches or I want to experiment with a crocheted liner for the bowl here. Maybe I can work in the crocheted piece from the pillow case!


  1. Hi Gina!
    I'm loving the last postcard there - it has a very light and carefree feel to it.

    And Oh! the green guilt - I know it well...

  2. I think painting an old pillowcase is making good use of it - no need for guilt!
    Love the way you've used your fibre art in combo with your ceramics.


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