Friday, May 8, 2015

Last Run, Maybe?

 I just did my first bisque and glaze loads since December! I never thought I'd give up my Skutt and downsize but when there was a good kiln sale going on just as I was thinking I'm not doing as much clay work as I used to do and I'd like to fill a smaller kiln more quickly, doing more experimental work, I decided it was time to downsize. I ordered a smaller L&L which should make changing elements easy (which I was not looking forward to as my Skutt gets closer to needing new elements plus at the same time I would replace some bricks that had been damaged through it's last move). Bonus: I won't have to stand on my toes or head to reach the very bottom of the kiln!
First photo is loading the bisque then some of the glazed work after unloading earlier this week.

Now to decide, what to do with my Skutt... wish I had a larger garage so I could keep it for those times I really want to make something taller than 18". Guess when that happens I'll just work out ways to put my work together post-firing.

My new kiln should be delivered today!


  1. How exciting! I love getting new tools!

  2. pretty. Downsizing has its benefits!

  3. Beautiful glazes as always! (I love the unglazed pieces too:))

    Getting new equipment is fun but it is always a challenge to decide what to do with the old equipment. Can you donate it to a school or other art type group?


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