Thursday, April 2, 2015

Early Morning in the Garden

Early morning is one of my favorite times in the garden. This morning I grabbed my camera instead of a coffee and wondered about.

 Native Pennyroyal
 Sand dune sunflower, native
 Blue plumbego. The native white plumgego is pictured later on.
 Society garlic
 Spiderwort, native and such fun to count to the blooms each morning.
 Mexican Flame, a new one for us this year. It is very happy and climbing around the palm.
 Aloe in 'bloom'.
 Desert Rose although I think of it as "Anniversary Rose" as Ken gave it to me for our anniversary a couple years ago.

 Our native Cassias which has had some beautiful caterpillars this spring.
 Spanish Needle, native, is one of the common names for this beauty.
 Coreopsis, native
 Blanket Flower is one of the common names for this native.
 Looking through the Marlberry towards our bench and Cedar Bay tree.
 Looking forward to seeing our Strongbark grow big and strong! The coontie next to it will be a slow grower but worth the wait. Looking forward to more atalas.
 Ageratum, native.
Much of the yard is quite wild looking. Here is some russelia, the white plumbago against the screen and cassias in the background.
 Have a gorgeous day!


  1. What gorgeous flowers you have! What fun to wander about your garden with you, let's do it again sometime!

  2. What a beautiful garden you have! And is that some water that I saw? A pond maybe?

  3. Love this time of year, your garden is gorgeous!

  4. I also enjoy walking through the garden first thing in the morning to see what's new. I agree it really is the best time to see the Spiderwort.


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