Saturday, March 15, 2014

ART 2014 still time to see the show

 ART 2014 is a great mix of  media from acrylic and oils to clay, fiber and mixed media.

 Georgeta Fondos "Sleep, Pedestal Piece".

 Above, fabulous pot by John McCoy.

 When I first walked into the show and saw this gorgeous pillow by Darlene Davis below my quilts I thought it was fabric. Wrong, it is clay and you can guess that it is one of my favorite pieces in the show.

Another piece that drew me in by it's fiber appeal by Stephen Shooster.

 This is a fun piece!

 Close-ups of another piece done with folded paper.

 A fun colorful painting by Jan Leichtung.

 Jeremy Feingold received an honorable mention with his "Terratomal" (stoneware clay, glaze, oil pastel, copper pipe)

 Above Sid Walesh's "Phoenix Rising" and below "Sea Spirits" both in clay.

 Sara Baskin's "Watch Out For The Dog" made me smile!

This is just a sampling from the show. It is at the JCC in Boca Raton through Wednesday.


  1. Great pictures and looks like a great show. Took a double take when I saw your two. Good on you on showing them!

  2. Great show and some really cool pieces.

  3. I recognize the ladders, of course. Congratulations!


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