Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Monarch

When I learned about the decline of monarch butterflies and their becoming endangered we bought a few more milkweed plants for the yard. Some time after seeing lots of caterpillars on the milkweed I finally spotted a butterfly who had just emerged.....

Here's an interesting read about the monarchs .....


  1. Gorgeous pictures as usual. We have a lot of butterflies this summer and lots of orange ones like this, but not sure if they are the same. Ours don't let you get as close as this for sure

  2. how wonderful Gina! Thank you for helping preserve these fabulous butterflies!

  3. Beautiful close ups of one of nature's precious miniatures. I'll be heading to Monterey Peninsula where they used to congregate. Thanks for making nature matter.

  4. the kids and I have 'hatched' monarchs... it truly is a miracle of nature to watch!!!!

  5. How lucky to have been there to witness that.


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