Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Sunprints

Summer vacation time is perfect for sun printing. This summer I've learned that one of my favorite effects come from the wrinkling of the fabric as it creates valleys and ridges of light and dark. Also the tiny dried pine needles that pile up everywhere create wonderful little prints.

 I've found that I like using a big brush ... just get that paint on quickly!

  Although I continue to use man-made items like buttons and nails I'm still partial to the organics.
Hoping you're having sunny days!


  1. How fun! I like those nails and hooks in particular.

  2. those are fabulous Gina - I really like the organics!

  3. Oh how yummy!!! Love the salmon coloured one!

  4. Looking forward to seeing these in some fiber art pieces. What paint are you using?

  5. Is this a long process? These results are beautiful. You use the fabric in your art, right? Is it possible to do something to the fabric to make it washable?


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