Sunday, August 12, 2012


When my husband and I were on vacation this summer we saw this amazing bird performing acrobats above us. He pulled out our bird book and identified it as a swift. It is somewhat related to the hummingbird although in many ways resembles a swallow. They are interesting birds to read about.

Their relationship to hummingbirds is evident as it hovers in the air behind this tree trunk. We wondered if it had a nest back there as it approached that spot many, many times after swooping around the air first. But when I blew the photo up it doesn't appear there would be room for a nest there. Perhaps catching bugs in the tree?


  1. I want to say that swallows can nest on the sides of cliffs, under eaves, etc. so maybe your little guy was scouting around for a home. Or, maybe he was looking for nesting material. (Budding ornithologist that I am!)

    Great photos. Thanks:)


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