Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Looks Can Be Deceiving

As I watched this beautiful red cardinal and snapped some photos through the family room blinds I thought what a sweet little bird he was ......
As I snapped away I was thinking that he must be looking for worms as it had just rained.

 When I loaded the photos onto my computer I suddenly clearly saw that he enjoying quite a feast!

Most of the critters inside my house may be vegan but certainly not those outside in the yard. He is still beautiful although I want to brush that little bit of grass (or food!) off his brow area! 


  1. Such a beautiful bird! Is he eating a grasshopper or a dragonfly?

  2. Some wonderful shots there Gina. We don't see any cardinals out here. Just some loud yackety Stellar Jays and the odd Goldfinch.


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