Monday, April 16, 2012

Radish Bouquet!

Many of the veggies and herbs are flowering now that the hot steamy summer is approaching. Last year I must have pulled out the old radish plants before they flowered because I don't recall seeing this beautiful mix of white and purple flowers last year. What a bonus at the end of the season!

 Above are my favorites, beach dune daisies. Although we are several miles from the beach they love our sandy yard.
 Flaveria is another favorite. They have grown very tall in behind the wild flowers.
 The salvia add lots of red, pink and white throughout the wild flower garden. Below is a close-up of the flaveria.
I need to get out there and do some pruning!


  1. ah, we've had radishes go to seed and I, too, thought they looked pretty good!

  2. Nice bouquet in a great vase. I bring the field daisies in the house. Right now I have Cherry branches in a vase.

  3. Ah, yard work in Florida in the summer. I remember helping my son with a flower bed in front of his home- got out early, by 9:30 am I was soaked. So, so different from the arid high desert I live in!!


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