Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quilter's Tool Caddy

In between several other projects and chores, I've been trying to add the fiber and embellishment parts for several clay pieces I have stacked and waiting. This morning I was suddenly inspired to create this little quilt for one of my vessels.

I usually include petals, leaves, spices, etc. but am happy with this simplicity of a mini raw edge quilt. Perhaps a similar design may work for my wall curves .... back to the sewing room .....

Hope you're having a wonderful creative week!

Click on the middle photo to see more photos of this pot at my etsy shop.


  1. Beautiful Gina, the purple works so great with the clay!

  2. Very nice. The purple is perfect on the clay.

  3. I love how you combine two very different mediums! That violet is killer against your golden pot.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous. you are so good at this!

  5. oh I love this - the purples are a perfect compliment to the clay.

  6. Never seen this stuff.
    Looks great :P


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