Friday, November 4, 2011

The Intimate Cup

What a great adjective for the cup, something we hold close and put to our lips. Don't we all have a favorite cup that fits us just right, feels good in the hands and against our lips? Some of us have favorite ones for tea, another for coffee, another for cold beverages and others just to admire. The Charlie Cummings Gallery has a wonderful show going on during the month of November, "Cups: The Intimate Object VII" and it is available for us to see online. If you enjoy handmade cups check out the gallery of fabulous mugs and cups.

The above shot is simply one of the mugs from my Etsy shop. To see the show, click on "Cups: The Intimate Object VII".


  1. What a perfect way to describe a cup. I certainly have my favorites.

  2. What a stunning variety. How would you even begin to choose? Although I notice that most of the cups with bunnies on them are already sold....


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