Friday, October 21, 2011

Reveal Day at Tangled Textiles

Here are some additional photos that I had mentioned over at Tangled Textiles. I had so many layouts to choose from when I decided to do a tic-tack-toe dual of machine vs hand. Here are just a few.

I wanted the hand to win for once as it never wins with me; I always choose the machine whenever possible even though I do want to do more hand stitching. So I struggled with hand stitching the cord until I found a glove made it so much easier. Then I found I didn't like it and the machine won again.
I didn't get to free motion on our last challenge so I made up for it this time. I used one of my hand-dyed fabrics for the back.
And the front finally came together like this ....
Head over to Tangled Textiles and see the wonderful pieces the ladies came up with! I am feeling very humbled by what they have created!


  1. Love the hand vs machine thing, so beautifully illustrated.

  2. I love this Gina! The combination of Games and Tools, is just fun, too! Your FMQ is just lovely - front and back, and your colour choices just pop!

  3. Made me smile. What a fun little quilt.


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