Friday, June 3, 2011

Reading and Games

 I finally broke down and bought an e-reader. With summer vacation approaching I wanted to be able to load up a few books onto a single device rather than fill my suitcase with books. I also wanted something in color so the Color Nook is now my new toy. Of course I needed a little carrying case so this is what I made .....

 I can slide my reader in one side and keep paper notes in the additional pocket on the same side. On the other side I have a notepad and a spot for a pen and a stylus. The outside is in the batik fabric and it has a velcro close. I'm ready for summer reading!

Over at Tangled Textiles the clues to our chosen game quilt are being posted so I thought I'd share my first attempts at some fabrics for my quilt. I have lots of sketches including some done on my new reader! But I can't share those for awhile yet. I have to respect the reveal date of June 15th.

My friend Jackie invited me to her place earlier this week and four of us experimented with Dyna-flow paints. Jackie had the supplies and knowledge and generously shared it all with us. I created a few pieces of fabric that may make into my games quilt.


  1. I think I will have to make a little case like yours. It is very cute and useful. I find my ipod touch is very slippery, so this would help - and maybe I would read more...but sewing is more fun lol

  2. Gina, you'll love the e-reader. It's amazing that you can carry a library full of books in one little device. The case you made is great. Good idea to combine a notepad with the reader!

  3. The case and fabrics look like a lot of fun.

    I took my husband's Kindle on vacation. It was very convenient to only have one item instead of my usual backpack full of books:)

  4. I like the fabrics you created.

    About the Nook, do you know if it can handle e-books that you download from the public library? I've heard that some readers are not compatible with their format.


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