Friday, October 29, 2010


I made the deadline! After missing the summer quilt challenge while on vacation I was determined to not miss another. This is reveal week for our quilts inspired by 'music'. I had all sorts of ideas and sketches made but when I had not even started on Wednesday afternoon I decided to do a quick wing-it. I've been wanting to use a technique inspired by Terri's quilts so this was an opportunity to try it out with fabric rather than paper which I have used in the past. I ironed fusible web to the back of three different fabrics; removed the backing; cut tiny pieces; arranged them into a treble clef and ironed them in place.
I had the start of my little quilt; I almost made a postcard sized quilt with so little time but decided to pull out some fabric and add fabrics crazy quilt style.
 As I added fabrics the treble clef started to loose its center focus as the fabrics were so bright. I decided to quilt over the treble clef using a gold metallic thread. Was it really necessary to pull the threads to the back and tie a knot? Later I just did some stitch in place or back stitch.

Although I prefer free-motion work I had fun trying out a few of the programmed  musical notes on my machine.
To dull the outside work I laid a few different colored nettings over the piece. The gold one did the trick so I stitched it in place and then cut out the area of the treble clef so it remained brighter than the rest of the quilt. Then some funky yarn for the edges and it was finished.
But it is only 7x9" so I decided it was a good size to mount on a canvas frame. I didn't have enough green fabric to cover the frame so I painted it instead; added some notes and took some photos. I think I may paint over the notes and do something else or leave it plain. Or maybe even take if off the frame. Any thoughts? (update, I took it off the frame, thanks Dolores!)

I'm looking forward to the next challenge. To see the other music check out the quilt challenge blog.


  1. I like it the way it is if you want it in a frame but I think I would just display it without the frame - just on its own. Wonderful challenge.

  2. Definitely music. I like the edging too.

  3. You did great on such a short time span. I need to get back to this so thanks for posting all about the challenge.

  4. Finally a use for those programmed musical notes stitches!


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