Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm so pleased to have finished the 'Rhythm' Quilt Challenge! With so much going on right now I was worried I wouldn't find enough sewing time but the time was found and a quilt was made. With 'rhythm' in mind, I made several sketches, most of them inspired by the idea of electronic machines that register beats and sounds. I appliqued the pieces in place with a blanket stitch and then quilted all the orange and yellow pieces. The red band was left unquilted. I was happy to finally try some free form circle quilting along the two long borders and then did some vertical quilt lines on the shorter borders.

I'd show a few of the photos of construction but when my computer died so did my Photoshop and I'm now trying to learn to use Gimp. I hope my learning curve gets better!

Note of interest: Sue has created some wonderful little keychain books and is giving them away from her blog. I have one of Sue's books and one of her journals and they are fabulous!


  1. It's such a fun piece. I love it.

  2. That is a really dynamic color combination, especially with the mottled black and white background. It almost looks like the static on a tv when the cable goes off. Because I am me, I am now curious to know if there is a specific machine that you had in mind when you made this piece.

  3. i love it. i love the colors,


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