Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My husband joined me for my last week of summer vacation. He suggested we take a whale watching tour but turns out we didn't need to. As we were enjoying the end of a beautiful long afternoon we heard the sound of whales blowing and we looked out to see three whales passing by!
I wish I had been quicker with the camera but just glad I saw these beautiful creatures. So my summer started with the eagle and ended with the whales ... it doesn't get any better!
And here's one more sunset before I start back into the clay and fiber.


  1. How very peaceful. I do hope you are well rested now. Where is it?

  2. Oh, fantastic, and I know you had to be thrilled to catch them with the camera, too- I sure would have been!

    The end of a vacation is both sad and a little exciting (because we get to go back to work!), isn't it? :D


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