Monday, August 3, 2009

Leaving on a Float Plane

I'm visiting paradise and it was quite fun getting here. The jet planes took me from Miami to Minneapolis and then to Vancouver. But the last few miles was by float plane. The plane in the photo is a little larger than the one I was on but same idea. I took the photo from our plane as we taxied away. Here are a couple shots as we approached the harbour for landing in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. My friend Sandra picked me up at the harbour and the last part of the trip was by ferry. A couple hours later I was enjoying the sunset ..... welcome to paradise!


  1. My brother moved to Nanaimo a couple of years ago and I have yet to visit. I hope you take loads of pics and post them since he is not computer savvy at all.

  2. What a gorgeous sunset! Looks like you had a blast!


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